Beatriz Castro

  Beatriz Castro is currently in the first year of the Master’s in International and European Law at NOVA School of Law. She graduated in International Relations from ISCSP, from the University of Lisbon. During this period, she studied one semester abroad in Nuremberg, Germany and made part of a refugee organization as a volunteer. After her Bachelor, she had an internship at the Portuguese Representation to the EU which gave her the bases to understand the importance of cooperation in several important issues. She also did a one-year Professional Internship at the Embassy of Portugal in Thailand, where she was working closely with fundamental topics such as human rights, environment and the business enterprises impacts on these issues. She aims to pursue a career defined by the defence of Human Rights.

Leonor Sustelo

  Leonor Sustelo holds a Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations, by Universidade Católica de Lisboa, and is currently engaged in the Master in International and European Law, at Nova School of Law. In 2017, she attended a course on Human Rights, which sparkled in her an attraction to the subject. It aroused her curiosity to the impact that these inalienable rights could have or should have on the political and economic relations between the different international actors. In the summer of 2018, she spent 6 weeks, in a rural area of Thailand, teaching English to children between 4 and 15 years old, as part of a voluntary project. In this experience, she was confronted with a reality completely different from her own, which contributed to her will to learn more about the way other societies, with different cultures, would look at the idea that everyone is entitled to […]

Gabriela Soares

  Gabriela Soares is currently in the first year of the Masters in Law and Management at NOVA School of Law, and Nova SBE. In 2020, she graduated in Law from Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto. During her Bachelor’s Degree, she was a member of the editorial department of the Faculty Journal- Jornal Universitário Tribuna. Gabriela was President of the Association Legislatuna- Tuna Feminina da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto. Her main areas of interest regard Corporate Responsibility within Human Rights and Sustainability.

Carlota Martins

  Carlota is currently in the first year of the Masters in Law and Management at NOVA School of Law. She holds a bachelors degree in Law from the Faculty of Law from Porto University, where she graduated in 2020. Since 2016, she has taken part as a volunteer in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Network, being part of the Governing Bodies of EYP Portugal since 2017. She was also part of the Board of Conselho Nacional de Estudantes de Direito between the years of 2017 and 2019. Her main areas of interest concern the responsibility of companies on ensuring sustainable practices regarding human rights, the environment and the criminal liability in the cases of human rights and environmental violations.

Maíra Tito

Maíra Tito is a licensed lawyer in Brazil and a PhD candidate at NOVA School of Law, Lisbon. Her main areas of expertise are: Public International Law, Constitutional Law and Environmental and Urban Law. She was a consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization – UN/FAO (2006), a public attorney in Londrina, Brazil (2011-2020) and Director of Urban Planning in Londrina (2014-2016). She was also professor of Environmental and Urban Law at the State University of Londrina (2015-2016). Currently, she is a co-founder member of NOVA Law Green Lab and lecturer in Environmental and Urban Law, Urban Planning and Sustainable Cities.

André Rodrigues

  André Alfar Rodrigues has a Bachelor in Law in the University of Lisbon Law School, and a Master´s degree in Business Law from the Catholic University of Lisbon Law School. His Master’s thesis was published by Almedina under the title: “Duties and Responsibilities of Financial Intermediaries”. He is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Private Law at NOVA School of Law and a Lawyer, currently working as Legal Counsel, Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer in a Securities Investment Fund Management Company based in Lisbon. He is a member of the NOVA Consumer Lab and the NOVA Compliance Lab and is an associate of the National Association of Young Portuguese and of the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance and associate of the National Association of Young Portuguese Lawyers and of the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance. Prior to entering the PhD, he did an Advanced Postgraduate Course in Corporate Law […]