Alice Milheiras


Alice Milheiras is currently in the second year of her Master’s Degree in International and European Law, at NOVA School of Law. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Universidade Autónoma, Lisbon. During and after her Bachelor’s Degree she attended many conferences on International Law matters and Jurisdiction in Portugal. Moreover, she had an internship in a Lawyer’s Office in July 2019. She wants to pursue a career in Business and Human Rights because of the growing relevance of the subject and because her main areas of interest are related to Human Rights in the Modern World.

This year, in addition to writing her Dissertation, Alice continues to work for the NOVA BHRE Centre, as a Research Assistant, being responsible for the Centre’s social media, like Linkedin and sometimes Twitter and Instagram, but also its Podcast and Youtube Channel.


Research line: Business, Human Rights, and Non-Judicial Remedies