Sustainability Talks – 1st session – A Business and Human Rights case for the Circular Economy

16th of February – 14:30 (Lisbon Time)

The panel will be in English

Circular Economy is gaining momentum as a priority policy and business strategy. As it instrumentalizes the path from a linear (take-make-waste) to a circular production model, it decouples economic growth from resource depletion, building strong environmental and economic cases and promising solutions for the climate, biodiversity, and pollution crisis. Nonetheless, as Circular Economy evolves as a subject of its own, evidence shows it does not automatically integrate the social dimension. Notwithstanding soaring academic literature, very little scholarship has delved into the impacts of circular business models on human rights. Therefore, the research “a Business & Human Rights case for the Circular Economy” aims to bridge the social gap, identifying how circular business models can foster B& HR principles, encompassing an inclusive and truly sustainable development.



  • Ricieri Vidal Marchi: Ph.D. Candidate at University of Milan and Visiting Scholar at NOVA School of Law
  • Claire Bright: Associate Professor at NOVA School of Law and Director and Founder of NOVA BHRE
  • Dussu Djabula: Research Assistant at the NOVA BHRE

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