The NOVA Knowledge Centre for Business, Human Rights and the Environment

The NOVA Knowledge Centre for Business, Human Rights and the Environment (NOVA BHRE) is an innovative and multidisciplinary academic centre within the Nova School of Law. It was founded by its current director Claire Bright, and is supported by a team composed of experts both from NOVA School of Law and NOVA School of Business & Economics (NOVA SBE) as well as external experts from all around the world.

The main goal of the NOVA BHRE is to foster responsible business conduct that upholds respect for human rights, decent work and environmental standards throughout their entire global value chains, thereby also advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The centre is focused on applied academic work, which puts the latest academic research directly into practice, and clarifies the role of law in corporate sustainability.



Students’ Call to Support the CSDDD

Following the initiative of a group of Business and Human Rights professionals to circulate a letter in support of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), this initiative comes from the students of NOVA School of Law to express their support to the Directive, as the decisive vote of the Council of the European Union’s on the CSDDD is taking place this Friday, 9 February 2024.

Blog compendium on the Updated OECD 2023-1-1

Blog compendium on the Updated OECD 2023

In October and November 2023, OECD Watch and NOVA BHRE co-organised a blog symposium intended to facilitate a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on the updated Guidelines and its connection to – and coherence with – legislative initiatives focused on corporate accountability across the globe. This compendium includes all blogs published for the symposium.

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🇵🇹 O Caso Trafigura: A Falha no Dever Corporativo e Estatal de Diligência Devida dos Direitos Humanos

Em 2006, a multinacional Trafigura, contratou a empresa Compagnie Tommy para proceder ao descarte de resíduos tóxicos em diversas localizações da cidade de Abdijan, na Costa do Marfim.

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