Sustainability Talks – 3rd session – Trading fairly and prompting decent work in global supply chains

21st of April – 18:00 (Lisbon Time)

The panel will be in English

This session would explore the impact of the Fair Trade – a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade – on the protection of human rights throughout the value chain and, especially, in relation to fair labour conditions.

Fair Trade is a social movement particularly focused on producers, which aims to improve their standing in order to make trade more fair. This movement has resulted in the adoption of a series of labels, and internationally agreed standards on fair pricing and contracting conditions.

What lessons can fair trade teach us when it comes to protecting human rights throughout the value chain? What does it mean for workers of a company which is Fair Trade certified? How can we ensure that Fair Trade companies respect human rights throughout the value chain? Is this social movement a possible answer, or does it lack the necessary enforceability to actually foster change? These are some of the questions we are aiming to address in this session.


  • Moderator: Benedita Sequeira, Research Assistant at the NOVA BHRE
  • Elena Lunder: Policy and Project Advisor at Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO)
  • Leonard Feld: EUI PhD Candidate
  • Margarida Marques: Member of the EP Committee on International Trade