Athina Sachoulidou

Athina Sachoulidou

Assistant Professor, Research Associate

Business, Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence; Compliance and Corporate Criminal Liability

Athina Sachoulidou is an Assistant Professor in Criminal Law at the NOVA School of Law in Lisbon and Vice-director of the research centre CEDIS. She graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) with degrees in law (BA 2011) and medical law and bioethics (M.Sc. 2014), as well as from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) with an advanced degree in German law (LL.M. 2015) and a PhD in Law (PhD 2018) with a focus on financial and corporate criminal law. Prior to joining the NOVA School of Law, Athina Sachoulidou was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy).

Her academic research has focused in the past on doctrinal approaches to criminal liability and punishment of legal persons, and on questions related to corporate accountability for wrongful actions with special regard to financial crime. Her current research project focuses on the intersection of criminal justice and new technologies, such as AI-driven technologies that are employed for law enforcement and criminal justice purposes.

Her PhD thesis ‘Corporate liability and punishment in criminal law and interdisciplinary discourse’ (original title: ‘Unternehmensverantwortlichkeit und -sanktionierung. Ein strafrechtlicher und interdisziplinärer Diskurs’) has been published as a monograph by the publishing house Mohr Siebeck, and presented with the Ruprecht-Karls award for outstanding scholarly works from all fields. Her working paper on the new draft German legislation on corporate criminal liability (original title: ‘Entwurf eines Verbandssanktionengesetzes – Eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit den materiell-rechtlichen Kernvorschriften’) has been presented with the 2 nd award by the Foundation ‘Wissenschaftsforum: Wirtschaftsprüfung und Recht’.