Daniel Iglesias

Professor at the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Monterrey

Period of Visiting: November-December 2022.

Daniel Iglesias Márquez is a Mexican academic lawyer, specialized in International Environmental Law and Human Rights Law. He is Professor at the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Monterrey, México, and Researcher of its Human Rights and Business Institute. He is also Course Instructor at Open University of Catalonia and Associate Researcher at Tarragona Centre for Environmental Law Studies (CEDAT-URV). His main fields of research and teaching are International Human Rights Law, business, human rights and the environment, Public International Law, International Environmental Law, Climate Change Law, European Union Law and International Criminal Law. He has published and extensively advised in these areas. He holds a PhD in Law (cum laude) from Rovira i Virgili University; an LL.M. in Global Governance and Human Rights from University of Castilla-La Mancha; an LL.M. in Environmental Law from Rovira i Virgili University; and a Diploma in Governance, Human Rights and Culture of Peace from University of Castilla-La Mancha. Daniel is member of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association, the Council of the Latin American Academy of Business and Human Rights, the «Red Empresas y Derechos Humanos. Incidencia especial en el extractivismo y los acaparamientos de tierra y agua» (REDH-EXATA); and Second Editor of the Catalan Journal of Environmental Law. He has work experience in international organizations and civil society organizations. Daniel has been involved in several research projects and has collaborated actively with numerous international and national associations dedicated to promoting environmental protection and human rights.