Recommendations for the Upcoming Portuguese National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

ELSA Portugal and the NOVA Centre on Business, Human Rights and the Environment are delighted to release the report produced by the ELSA Portugal Legal Research Group on Business and Human Rights.

This Legal Research Group was a joint initiative that provided law students and young lawyers the possibility to deepen their knowledge and research skills in the field of Business and Human Rights and contribute to the policy developments in the field in Portugal, under the supervision of Claire Bright and Laura íñigo Álvarez of the NOVA BHRE.

The report aims to provide support to the Portuguese Government for the drafting of the Portuguese NAP on Business and Human Rights, by setting out concrete recommendations in relation to both its structure and substance. The methodology used in that respect relies on desk-based research and a comparative analysis of existing National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights as well as a study of relevant soft law instruments, standards, guidance, policies, and laws at the international, European, and national levels.

It was authored by André Simões, Claire Bright, Inês Freitas, Inês Santos, Inês Serra, José Vaz Serra Cabrita, Juliana Apolinário, Laura Iñigo Álvarez, Leticia Sande, Margherita Demattè, Marta Lages de Almeida, Rita Ferraz, and Sara Rentroia Pacheco.