The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

The applicable law to business related human rights torts under the Rome II Regulation: is there the need to adopt special rules in order to ensure access to remedy?

This dissertation aims to analyse the conflict of law rules applicable to business-related human rights torts under the Rome II Regulation on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations, and reflect on the necessity to adapt them or come up with new solutions in order to ensure access to remedy for victims of human rights abuse, and looking, in particular, at the Private International Law solutions proposed by the EU upcoming Directive on mandatory Human Rights due diligence and the Draft Binding Business and Human Rights Treaty.

The European Directive on Corporate Due Diligence and Corporate Accountability

The application of a civil law concept – head of the household – to hold parent companies accountable for the human rights and environmental harms caused by their subsidiaries

The aim of this dissertation is firstly to analyze the creation of the corporate veil doctrine, and its repercussion in the current and past case laws, and secondly is to present what would seem to be a good solution for the problems that the doctrine has created until now.